I’ve been at college for over two months now.

My most accurate way to describe it would be busy, busy, busy, but incredibly cool.

I’ve made a few desserts since I’ve arrived, but it’s hard to carve out time to take pictures. (And on a side note – there’s always someone to eat your desserts. It’s great!)

I’ll definitely keep posting, but expect my posts to be less frequent than before (although, not that I was particularly reliable before college).

Until my next post, enjoy a slice of banana bread! The recipe can be found here.



For the past six weeks, I have been everywhere but home. Czech Republic, New York, Costa Rica – you name it.

While I definitely got to eat a lot of delicious food when I was traveling (especially Costa Rica; the traditional food there was unbelievable), I couldn’t exactly bake or blog. 

BUT, I am home now, making tons of food (my parents aren’t so enthusiastic about the kitchen’s rapid decline of our kitchen), and documenting the things I have made. 

So, I have about 6 drafts (so far), and I’m going to try and post them consistently. 

It’s time to start blogging again. 🙂