PB Banana Breakfast Pudding

This recipe requires a little leap of faith, because unless you’ve had tofu pudding before, you’re going to look at the ingredients, scoff, and close the tab. While this is one of those recipes that doesn’t really make sense until you’ve tried it yourself, here are 5 reasons why you should add bananas and tofu to a blender asap:

  1. This pudding is super high in protein and contains no refined sugar. That basically means you can eat it for breakfast or zero with zero hesitation. Heck, a serving of this pudding (1/2 a recipe) contains 16g of protein by itself, meaning it’ll keep you full until your next meal, no problem. If you’re trying to avoid natural sugar in addition to refined sugar, feel free to replace one banana with an avocado or coconut cream.
  2. Bananas + peanut butter is delicious combination, and its chocolate banana pb pudding counterpart is awesome as well. The combination of them together is even better!
  3. Silken tofu keeps the pudding silky smooth. While this pudding contains after notes of soy (which is an extremely subtle, but pleasing flavor imo), it’s dominant flavors are peanut butter and banana. That said, the silken tofu helps give the pudding body.
  4. This pudding a great base to play around with. Want more body? Add 1/2 cup of melted chocolate chips and use one banana (or none) instead of 2. Want a frosty milkshake instead of pudding? Freeze the bananas before blending and proceed with the recipe as follows. You can play around with the recipe, adding canned pumpkin, strawberries, or really anything that sounds good. For a more neutral flavor, try replacing the peanut butter with almond or cashew butter.
  5. It only takes 5 minutes to make, total. This recipe is as easy as blending 3 ingredients. In 5 minutes you could have some delicious pudding for breakfast, a snack, or dessert.

So there you have it, give this recipe a try and let me know what you think below. If you mix up the recipe in any of the ways mentioned above (or any new ways), let me know what you tried!

Banana Peanut Butter Pudding

  1. Combine the silken tofu, bananas, and peanut butter in a blender until smooth.
  2. Remove half the blended pudding and set aside. Add the cocoa powder to the remaining pudding and blend until combined.
  3. Layer the peanut butter pudding and chocolate peanut butter pudding in a clear dish and top with coconut whipped cream and graham cracker crumbs. Enjoy!

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