Chia Chocolate Pudding


If you’ve seen any of my posts already, it’s pretty evident that a majority of the time, I’m pretty unambitious with my culinary creations.  Even though it may appear like this dessert is simply another one of those lazy creations, for this pudding, I actually had a vision.  I hypothesized that a chocolate pudding, healthy enough for breakfast, could be made using Chia seeds.  Unfortunately, *spoiler alert*, it can’t!  As delicious as chia seeds are in recipes like chia seed pudding (a tapioca pudding made with chia), when blended, they are extremely bitter.  Heh, it was a nice attempt (and turned out really pretty!).  If you have any suggestions for how to create such a breakfast pudding, tell me, and I’d love to test out new ideas. For now though, my quest still continues for a breakfast chocolate pudding. mmmmm, chocolate pudding for breakfast, wouldn’t that be the life?

Since I feel bad posting a recipe that wasn’t exactly delicious, I recommend that instead, you make the chocolate pudding recipe below.  It’s relatively healthy (no cream or egg yolks!) and still really yummy (although, it’s more of a quick, light snack, than an indulgent dessert).

Recipe for chocolate pudding here.


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